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I was born in Chicago.  When I was 2 my parents moved to California. Growing up in Palo Alto in the 90’s, I was exposed to my high school’s incredible theatre department which gave me a solid basis for performance.

At Reed College in Portland, OR I decided I wanted to learn acoustic guitar.  Inspired by singer-songwriters like Dar Williams, Joni Mitchell and Joan Baez I quickly realized I would progress much faster in my guitar playing if I played with other people.  Ditching the acoustic for an electric, I teamed up with fellow Reedies and was in a slew of short lived bands, including Sunny Dailey, Tumble Dry Low, and Alleycat.

Alleycat actually made it past 1 or 2 shows, and we released 2 albums and went on tour. Songs from that era are available here.

After Alleycat went their separate ways, (for a time) I played with a band in Teacher School called Zone of Proximal Development. (Side note: I have a Master’s Degree in Education. Essential for EVERY guitar teacher!)

In 2003 I also discovered Portland Girls Rock Camp and also help start Bay Area Girls Rock Camp. Rock Camp was an integral part of my life for the next decade. Working at these rock camps changed my life. Not only did I learn the fundamentals of teaching guitar and music performance, but I learned that rock camp was really about empowerment.

You might find me providing the music at a friend’s wedding, leading a campfire singalong at a national park, or volunteering teaching guitar Rock Camp or leading a sing-a-long at a local retirement home.

In addition, I am in a new band, SecsDevil.  Follow us on Facebook!  

This blog is mostly various updates on what I’m up to musically, and also provides updates on my teaching and learning.  Guitar is a lifelong learning experience, and in the years I have been lucky enough to play, I love to keep evolving as a musician.

Stay tuned.


1 thought on “About

  1. Claire is the best, most helpful and friendly music teacher and music mentor I know. And she knows just when to bring it down a notch when the mood is right.

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