Summer Slump

Hello all,

It’s the middle of summer and I am trying to keep my momentum going with music. Vacations, etc is preventing me from playing as much as I want with my students and friends.  But when all else fails, I still have the Power of Stevie.

I’m trying to make my lessons more cohesive and weave into each other more.

Time to clip the nails, get new strings, and sign up for some Open Mikes!


In other news, I have been listening to Grimes on repeat.

Check Her Out!


Intro to Strumming

Man, guitar just keeps giving back to me the more I put into it. A couple weeks ago my student asked me about strumming and I realized that I haven’t really ever thought that much about it!

She motivated me to really learn how to articulate some basic patterns and I must say we’ve spent several lessons talking about strumming basics. Here’s the video to get the ball rollin’ 🙂

Just Saw Joan Baez Live and Now I’m Inspired

Just got back from Maui with my work where I was lucky enough to see my idol from when I was 16, Joan Baez, perform live!  I have been a huge fan of hers for decades and she performed her song, “Diamonds and Rust” which is one of my faves.  I was inspired enough to recall how to play that song — I have been playing this one since I was 20.  Thanks Joan for always being one of the reasons I started playing guitar.

Best Katy Perry Video Ever


This video is awesome on so many levels.

First, the song.  What is this pseudo-rasta beat?  Is she borrowing some old-school lessons from the Police?

Second, the hamster.  I just can’t.  Never has a hamster been better-featured in a video.

Katy, I know you were away for awhile, but thanks for coming back and bringing stuff like this.